hello little lump

Hello beginner,
Hello little lump,
One day you’ll grow to be
Woman or man
And you’ll do all you can…

Now hush, now creature,
Ohh Hush for a while,
It’s not as bad as it seems…

It’ll have some troubles,
It’ll have some laughs,
And might go something like this:

You’ll learn how to walk,
You’ll learn how to beg,
Wander, plunder and talk.

You’ll learn how to think,
And still spend all night
Teaching the rain how to sing.

You’ll learn how to love
And cry a thousand smiles
On your crumbling cove.

You’ll find you learnt nothing
As you drink your coffee
In a white sterile place…

And then, right there
You’ll remember this song
And you’ll run through the lawn
And not know where you’re headed…

But you’ve got places to be
Family to see, and you
Don’t care that you're heading
For the grave...

And there, in a bus,
You’ll look through the window
And find that you’re
Closing your eyes…

So hello beginner,
Hello little lump,
You heard the tale I had
To sing…

Don’t notice it, don’t follow it!
Do what you please,
But know from the womb
No one knows shit about this…

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